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Product Safety Officer

Technical product safety is a key component of the regulatory compliance environment at EU level. Alongside this are the type approval and road traffic certification regulations. In contrast to the GSG (Equipment Safety Act), the fields of application of the Product Safety Act cover all supplier products as well as yet unnamed “end products”. This means that according to the product definition (§ 2 no. 22 ProdSG (Product Safety Act)) all components may be subject to local market surveillance measures.


  • Knowledge of the product manufactured: function, manufacture in detail at own site and intended purpose with customer
  • Knowledge of the Product Safety Act and Product Liability Act
  • Methodical knowledge for risk assessment

Target group

Employees from the field of quality, engineers, designers, executive staff, technical managers, development managers, standards officers, employees with advisory capacity


Basics & knowledge of the Product Safety Officer

  • Product safety – Product Safety Officer (PSO) (tasks, expertise, knowledge)
  • Product Safety Act – Subject/areas of application; prerequisites for the exhibiting and bringing to market of products (requirements, addressees, interpretations, case studies) and requirements of VDA 6.1 regarding product safety
  • Product liability (ProdhaftG (Product Liability Act), BGB (German Civil Code) § 823) (requirements, addressees, interpretations, case studies, differences)
  • Liability impact

Key data systems

  • Standard-related requirements
  • Balanced Score Card

Project management

  • Normative requirements, e.g. via APQP, VDA
  • Production part approval process
  • Guiding of configuration and change management in the supply chain

Loss or damage

  • Analysis of the “incident scenario” in the team and drawing up of measures (immediate and subsequent measures)
  • Securing of communication (incl. voluntary declaration) and clarity of information (type of defect, limitation, likelihood of failure) as well as confidentiality
  • Implementation of measures, “adjustment” where required, including verification of effectiveness
  • Assessment of the product safety-related loss or damage & derivation of necessary lessons learned

Group exercises

Written test

Test procedure

Time: 60 min., written: 25 multiple-choice questions, multiple answers possible.


Product Safety Officer LVQ proof of attendance

Duration and dates





1.342,40 incl. VAT plus € 200.00 examination fee (plus statutory VAT)

Funding opportunities

One of several financing options is the Bildungsscheck training voucher and Bildungsprämie training bonus. We will be happy to advise you on this.




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